Wurdinger Lab

Neuro-oncology Research Group

Cancer Center Amsterdam

VU University Medical Center



"Understanding the biology of brain cancer is key to the identification of new therapeutics and diagnostistics"




The Wurdinger lab is concentrating pre-clinical brain tumor research in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The lab is embedded in the Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) at VU University medical center, and supported by the departments of Neurosurgery, Neurology, and Pediatric Oncology. The research focuses on the development of therapeutic strategies to eradicate glioblastoma. Glioblastomas are heterogenous and contain different types of cells, including non-cancerous cells such as infiltrating inflammatory cells, bone marrow-derived monocytic cells, and endothelial cells. These cells together with the cancer cells play a significant role in various biological systems (e.g. tumor vascularization, tumor cell migration, immune evasion, therapy resistance). The different cell types are thought to be functionally linked via intricate (systemic) communications systems, including extracelular vesicles and blood platelets that carry tumor messages that can be interecepted and used in potential diagnostics tests. Candidate therapeutics are further analyzed in our preclinical brain tumor imaging models.


Thomas Wurdinger, PhD

VU University Medical Center

De Boelelaan 1118

1081 HV Amsterdam

Cancer Center Amsterdam

Room 3.20

Email: t.wurdinger@vumc.nl

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